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Are You Mobile Ready?

It only takes 3 seconds for you to lose 57% of mobile customers

Mobile is changing. Brands must change with it.

A lot has changed in the mobile landscape over the past year. Not only has smartphone penetration increased by an incredible 24%, but we have also begun to see the emergence of some surprising trends. Growing screen sizes have turned the smartphone into an ideal device for at-home activities like watching video and reading articles, while ongoing frustrations with battery life and data caps have limited its utility for activities on the go. These same limitations have made real estate on the smartphone highly competitive, as more users are deleting or consolidating apps and turning to the browser instead. Millennial’s are a driving force behind the trend toward at-home smartphone usage, and are also more active than other age groups on mobile applications. For brands operating in the Canadian market, this research can be distilled into four key strategic takeaways:

  • With 68% smartphone penetration, mobile is no longer an option but a necessity. All forms of content (long-form, short-form, video, images, etc.) should be mobile-optimized.


  • Mobile consumers are active at home as much as (or more than) they are on the go. Search and display advertising budgets may therefore yield better results on mobile during off-work hours versus during the day.


  • Application development projects should be approached with care. This is a highly saturated space with a selective audience, so brands need to be able to provide a unique value proposition to app users.


  • Millennial’s are especially active on mobile, including applications. Brands whose target market includes young people should be particularly concerned with offering mobile solutions across both the browser and, if applicable, the app.

In an increasingly connected world, competition is rife and attention is at a premium. The brands that succeed will be the ones who have a clear idea of who their target market is, and how to provide them with a convenient and hassle-free mobile experience that takes into account their ever-evolving habits. Source: catalyst.ca

Out of respondents who use smartphones as their primary device, % who use it at home
Out of respondents who use smartphones as their primary device, % who use it on-the-go
Canadian smartphone penetration rates, 2014-2015
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