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It's what we do!
We believe that a brands ability to grow online is dependent on a great customer experience.


Our job is to create these experiences. Not only do we develop beautiful, user-friendly websites but our process of organization, planning and clear direction really sets us apart from the herd.

Mobile First Strategy
Did you know that over 50% of digital interactions are conducted on a mobile device?  If your online presence is not mobile optimized, you’re cutting yourself off from ½ your potential audience.

That’s why RGB implements a mobile first design strategy.  Your website will still look great on desktop devices but we make sure your brand is a great experience for the world’s fastest growing audience.

A Clear Process to Reach your Goals
No one knows your brand as well as you do – which is why “We put you in the drivers seat.”  All RGB websites start with an in-depth requirements gathering process to make sure we’re delivering a result that exceeds your expectations.

Throughout the planning, design and delivery process we ensure our client’s expectations are managed through clear communication and regular client feedback and review points.

Empowering our customers
Post launch we focus on empowering our clients so that they have the skills and confidence to manage their own online presence. Through our training program and our deep understanding of your organization’s needs, we embolden your internal teams to take the reigns and plot your own course.

Of course, we will still be here when you need us to offer additional training and technical support, but we encourage our clients to “own” their online presence by developing the in-house capabilities to manage their site and make small changes.

This may seem like an enormous task for our less tech savvy customers but we have yet to meet a client who couldn’t master our online interfaces following our in-depth training.

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