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We believe that a brands ability to grow online is dependent on a great customer experience. Our job is to create these experiences.


Not only do we develop beautiful, user-friendly websites but our process of organization, planning and clear direction really sets us apart from the herd.



Mobile First Strategy
Did you know that over 50% of digital interactions are conducted on a mobile device?  If your online presence is not mobile optimized, you’re cutting yourself off from ½ your potential audience.

That’s why RGB implements a mobile first design strategy.  Your website will still look great on desktop devices but we make sure your brand is a great experience for the world’s fastest growing audience.

A Clear Process to Reach your Goals
No one knows your brand as well as you do – which is why “We put you in the drivers seat.”  All RGB websites start with an in-depth requirements gathering process to make sure we’re delivering a result that exceeds your expectations.

Throughout the planning, design and delivery process we ensure our client’s expectations are managed through clear communication and regular client feedback and review points.

Empowering our customers
Post launch we focus on empowering our clients so that they have the skills and confidence to manage their own online presence. Through our training program and our deep understanding of your organization’s needs, we embolden your internal teams to take the reigns and plot your own course.

Of course, we will still be here when you need us to offer additional training and technical support, but we encourage our clients to “own” their online presence by developing the in-house capabilities to manage their site and make small changes.

This may seem like an enormous task for our less tech savvy customers but we have yet to meet a client who couldn’t master our online interfaces following our in-depth training.

Are You Mobile Ready?

It only takes 3 seconds for you to lose 57% of mobile customers

Are You Mobile Ready?

It only takes 3 seconds for you to lose 57% of mobile customers


Mobile is changing. Brands must change with it.

A lot has changed in the mobile landscape over the past year. Not only has smartphone penetration increased by an incredible 24%, but we have also begun to see the emergence of some surprising trends.

Growing screen sizes have turned the smartphone into an ideal device for at-home activities like watching video and reading articles, while ongoing frustrations with battery life and data caps have limited its utility for activities on the go. These same limitations have made real estate on the smartphone highly competitive, as more users are deleting or consolidating apps and turning to the browser instead. Millennial’s are a driving force behind the trend toward at-home smartphone usage, and are also more active than other age groups on mobile applications.

For brands operating in the Canadian market, this research can be distilled into four key strategic takeaways:


  • With 68% smartphone penetration, mobile is no longer an option but a necessity. All forms of content (long-form, short-form, video, images, etc.) should be mobile-optimized.


  • Mobile consumers are active at home as much as (or more than) they are on the go. Search and display advertising budgets may therefore yield better results on mobile during off-work hours versus during the day.


  • Application development projects should be approached with care. This is a highly saturated space with a selective audience, so brands need to be able to provide a unique value proposition to app users.


  • Millennial’s are especially active on mobile, including applications. Brands whose target market includes young people should be particularly concerned with offering mobile solutions across both the browser and, if applicable, the app.


In an increasingly connected world, competition is rife and attention is at a premium. The brands that succeed will be the ones who have a clear idea of who their target market is, and how to provide them with a convenient and hassle-free mobile experience that takes into account their ever-evolving habits.


Process! Process! Process!

Lets us be your compass to success

Process! Process! Process!

The very soul of success


RGB‘s Elements of Success

Technology Driven

We believe technology should be seamless, efficient and easy to use. RGB is committed to keeping abreast of the latest technological developments, to ensure your online experience continually improves

Beautiful Design

We’ll survey the competitive market to find an appropriate visual presentation for your project to position you correctly

Process Driven

You’ll always be in the loop and kept involved and up-to-date as we bring you along our time-tested plan to deliver satisfaction


Tightly Optimized

Our websites are designed to load fast across all platforms including desktop, tablet and mobile.  We support all major browsers to ensure your website is a quick and glitch free experience for all your customers regardless of how they access your site.

Socially Capable

RGB websites integrate seamlessly with your social platforms as standard.  If you’re new to social media – we can also help you to develop a social presence on the most relevant platforms for you brand.  We ensure your website is easily found by implementing best practice Search Engine Optimization techniques


We’ll help you measure and understand everything you do online.  For market unknowns, we help our clients run live tests to discover what works best for their brand –  so that we’re always dealing with Facts, not Fiction!

The RGB Team

The talent behind the digital dream


The RGB Team

The talent behind your digital dream

Bryan Learn

Bryan Learn

Bryan has more than 25 years experience in Information Technology.  For much of this time, he has had the opportunity to follow his passion for Digital Marketing and has managed the development and launch of hundreds of online websites and campaigns.  Bryan is dedicated to managing client’s expectations to ensure that their projects are delivered on time and on budget.  He prides himself on producing not just excellent work, but happy customers.

Gavin Abrahamson

Gavin Abrahamson

Gavin holds more than 10 years experience in branding, digital marketing, social media and website development.  With a degree in Business Commerce, he is focused on devising solutions that help to grow his client’s online success.  Gavin brings a deep understanding of his clients needs along with a friendly and professional attitude to all RGB’s client engagements.

Heather Howe

Heather Howe

When not writing bio’s about herself, Heather focuses on keeping her finger on the pulse of social media, anticipating clients needs before they even realize it’s a need, and bringing to the world her own style of sales and marketing. With over 20 years in sales and the promotion of all things tangible, Heather has the type of personality that will instantly make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Vanan Nages

Vanan Nages

Vanan is a client facing professional with 20 years of cross functional and cross industry experience, mostly in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Vanan’s ability to be a trusted adviser has been based on his willingness to take risks, be fearless, and have the courage to communicate the difficult topics, while remaining disciplined throughout a career that has provided him with opportunities around the world.

Our Reviews

What our clients are saying


Our Reviews

What our clients are saying

We have been thrilled to work with RGB on the implementation of our new website!   It has been a smooth process from beginning to end, with intuitive suggestions and guidance from RGB, creative design and some new perspectives brought to the table.   We know that we can call on RGB for further design and content elements as needed, but they have also set us up well to maintain our site internally.  Highly recommended!

Ruth Abrahamson

CEO, Base Consulting and Management Inc.

We just launched our completely revamped website and couldn’t be any happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with RGB Digital Development. They took our old website with outdated graphics, fonts, etc., and transformed it into a modern and incredibly attractive site. When we met with Bryan to discuss the project, we were immediately impressed with how easy he is to communicate with—just real, down to earth, believable person that doesn’t talk over your head with tech jargon. He and his team listened and spent ample time understanding our products and message to make sure the site layout was appropriate. We now have the ability to move to new phases with RGB Digital Development and are very excited as we have a great foundation.

Kevin Ostrovsky

Manager, Tangibles ltd.

RGB’s team was an absolute win for They took the time to listen to our business direction and were able to guide us while we continued to feel in control. Their process leveraging research, marketing and design exercises to get us off the ground was “eye opening” and helped us realize our goals. With RGB’s Training and easy to use interface we were able to manage our site giving us the control we feel we needed. We highly recommend Bryan and his team to make your vision a reality.

John Wilding

Director / Sales, AutoRD

Bryan from RGB really takes the time to learn who you are, what you like, and how you want your business to be marketed to the public.  This attention to detail and in-depth research results in a spectacular website that presents your business in the best possible light.  I’m very pleased with my new website and I receive lots of compliments on it.

Lisa Jibson

Owner & CAO, Ross Street Agency

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